Monday, 24 January 2011

19 years young, carefree and music lovers.

Its strange to think that we had no idea that either one of us existed 5 months ago. Especially since we were living in the same town (the beautiful town we call ....Reading.). Yet here we are at Bath Spa University, lying in bed and listening to Missy Higgins, our new found love.

To start with, we thought we'd share a few (very) interesting facts about ourselves because we're just such interesting people...(according to us anyway!!!!).

So we have Anna, who's currently studying drama and english literature - and to give her credit is how we got our blog name. She likes poets.. (TS Elliot to be a little less vague). She also travelled to Thailand for a month and hugged a tiger, which is always nice.

She has an interest in folk music and her favourite singer is Joni Mitchell. To any of you that are interested in acoustic/folk music, she definitely advises you to pay a visit to End of the Road festival for a weekend in the summer. Its something special.
And we also have Fliss, who studies Music and specialises in Opera. Whilst taking an interest in the arts, she also loves to travel and at the moment is planning to visit Thailand, Bali, Australia and Fiji. Her favourite colour is yellow and likes pictures all over her walls. Her favourite book is Eat Pray Love. She likes big headphones and spends stupid amounts of time searching for new bands.

We live for Gin summers.

The initial aim of starting this blog, is because together, we have decided to merge our tastes and experiences together and form some sort of ...musical collaboration. Therefore we'd love to share whatever we make of it with you.  As we don't have any original material as of yet, we're going to start with covers! The first one being...well you'll just have to wait!

This is our blog, we'd love you to follow us and appreciate our very hard attempt at making sweet sweet music...

A&F x


  1. Congratulations and good luck on your start up here

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. I was a huge fan of Joni Mitchell back when I was your age and I always laugh when Tom Hanks ridicules her song Clouds in You've Got Mail. Now I am pretty much a Jazz fan. But I need some educating on other forms of music.

    Best Wishes on your blog adventure, I will certainly be back.

  3. Congratulations and good luck. I loved reading your first post here!