Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bags Under my Eyes..

Yes yes i know you will all wonder why on earth i'm writing this post at precisely 01.53 on Monday morning, well the answer is, i can't sleep.

Anna is peacefully tucked up in bed dreaming of wonderful things like rainbows and butterflies with her friend who's stayed with her for the night, well i would do anything to close my eyes and drift away ...especially as I have a 10am lecture - i know i know, 10am for you is like saying 4pm, but to me it is an unearthly hour, for bed time only.

How has my week been? Great thanks, how was yours? Annaban and I along with 2 other good friends/housemates of ours have finally put down a deposit on a beautiful house to move into in September, I can't wait to spend too much money in ikea and fill my room with good smells and candles, delish. What else has happened? Oh, I have an older admirer. I just love it when an old man with snot all over his face tells me he loves my boots and my coat about 95830295720389572 times, and i even got 2 sets of waves goodbye when I got on the bus. Bless his little cotton socks.

What else to update you with, I'm going to 3 lovely little gigs now over the next few months, as well as Annie Mac and Bonobo, my lovely boyfriend has now treated me with tickets to see my new secret love. Promise you won't tell? Oh alright then... - not only is this perfect noise-pop, but its so chilled. 2011 is all about acoustics, and pure surf music. Surf music will be my best friend this summer - how fresh is that? I might have to treat you to another one of my faves right now, because i'm feeling generous.. - yes this is real. who would've thought?! absolute bliss, genius! The jazzy feel, i just close my eyes and imagine a sexy, smokey bar with a chilled g&t waiting for me, wearing a lovely nude colour nail varnish...something like this: - i'm a big fan of nail colour - but i've decided that this is going to be my shade for the year. Subtle, shiny. I'll look like a walking latte, scrummy.

Well i may as well wrap this up and it is 2.08am....
 Love to you all, and by the way thank you so much to our new followers, you little treasures!

So, its either sleep, or watch Season 8/Episode 21 of the 24 series.
Hm, I bet you can predict la future.

F x

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