Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Oh and...

We have more songs!!!!!!!


A&F x

Well that fish finger salad wasn't too great...

But you know what is? That after a day and a half of being useless with technology, annaban and i have finally managed to put our music up. yeeah!

We decided to cover 'Flume' by Bon Iver. Not only is it an absolutely beautiful song chord wise, but the lyrics are incredible too. Check out the original song too - his voice is something else! We didn't want to cover it with guitar as that's what everyone seems to do. Fliss is actually playing the piano (or attempting to anyway...)

Constructive critism accepted of course, but more than anything we hope you enjoy it!

Lots of love as always,


Thursday, 3 February 2011

We love Marigolds!

Oh no, not the flower (which is what i can imagine you all think of as soon as you see the word). Oh no. I mean these beautiful creations:
..aren't they just so majestic and wonderful and perfect?! Yes they sure as hell are. I have just spend 2 whole hours straight, deep cleaning my room and I am that proud, i have to tell you all. I can't help myself! My room smells clean and fresh and tidy, it looks incredible. And I am getting way too excited about this.

On another note, I hope you are all well and enjoying this week (what's left of it!), this week has literally zoomed by to me,  I can't believe its friday tomorrow already! But this makes me happy, weekends are the best things ever. Excuse me for being so sickeningly cliché and naive, but i'd love every single day to be a weekend, no work (yay!), no studying (yay!), just pure fun and enjoyment for all! Am i right or am i right?

I have bought the most gorgeous little silver hoops earrings i just have to show you:
aren't they beautiful?! I got them today in the post and they fit perfectly!
Well, that's your taste of today's entertainment...I'm about to eat a fish finger salad..that's quite weird isn't it. I'll let you know how that went.
Lots of love,
F x - ps. thought you might like this..

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bags Under my Eyes..

Yes yes i know you will all wonder why on earth i'm writing this post at precisely 01.53 on Monday morning, well the answer is, i can't sleep.

Anna is peacefully tucked up in bed dreaming of wonderful things like rainbows and butterflies with her friend who's stayed with her for the night, well i would do anything to close my eyes and drift away ...especially as I have a 10am lecture - i know i know, 10am for you is like saying 4pm, but to me it is an unearthly hour, for bed time only.

How has my week been? Great thanks, how was yours? Annaban and I along with 2 other good friends/housemates of ours have finally put down a deposit on a beautiful house to move into in September, I can't wait to spend too much money in ikea and fill my room with good smells and candles, delish. What else has happened? Oh, I have an older admirer. I just love it when an old man with snot all over his face tells me he loves my boots and my coat about 95830295720389572 times, and i even got 2 sets of waves goodbye when I got on the bus. Bless his little cotton socks.

What else to update you with, I'm going to 3 lovely little gigs now over the next few months, as well as Annie Mac and Bonobo, my lovely boyfriend has now treated me with tickets to see my new secret love. Promise you won't tell? Oh alright then... - not only is this perfect noise-pop, but its so chilled. 2011 is all about acoustics, and pure surf music. Surf music will be my best friend this summer - how fresh is that? I might have to treat you to another one of my faves right now, because i'm feeling generous.. - yes this is real. who would've thought?! absolute bliss, genius! The jazzy feel, i just close my eyes and imagine a sexy, smokey bar with a chilled g&t waiting for me, wearing a lovely nude colour nail varnish...something like this: - i'm a big fan of nail colour - but i've decided that this is going to be my shade for the year. Subtle, shiny. I'll look like a walking latte, scrummy.

Well i may as well wrap this up and it is 2.08am....
 Love to you all, and by the way thank you so much to our new followers, you little treasures!

So, its either sleep, or watch Season 8/Episode 21 of the 24 series.
Hm, I bet you can predict la future.

F x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Only Love is All Maroon...

Hello to everyone,

We have to admit, we didn't expect to have 3 followers already! So thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words! We have to thank our lovely housemate Sophie ( for giving us a mention on her page!

The plan for tomorrow is to try and finally record a few covers, which we will upload for all to see in due course! And what have we done since we posted yesterday? Well...not much! Such interesting lives we lead (haha..), although Fliss is pretty proud of herself for actually getting up to go to her 9am lecture (which really is something), Anna was equally proud as she managed to crawl out of bed to get her 1pm lecture..(sorry, 1pm?!) However, even more exciting news is that we managed to buy Annie Mac tickets (She's a pretty famous DJ in England) who's playing in our town, which should be an amazing set,  along with 2 other prestigious DJ's - fun times ahead! Fliss has also bought tickets to see an awesome group called Bonobo, they are chilled and electronic, with the most incredible singer called Andreya Triana, here is a link of my favourite track of theirs: - Its called 'Stay the Same'. The drums along with her smooth vocals just gives me shivers, then when the bass comes in...just wow.

We thought it'd be a good idea to share with you our songs of the day (although it is hard to choose) If you get the chance, try and listen to them! 

Fliss: Rivers (ft. Lior) - Passenger - - the chords and vocals in this aren't only to die for (especially in the chorus), but the its the lyrics that make this. Just beautiful. It flows perfectly.

Anna: Matthew and the Atlas - I Will Remain - - I can't stop listening to it at the moment! I absolutely love his voice.

We'll leave it at that for tonight, thank you again for all of your support so far!

With love,


Monday, 24 January 2011

19 years young, carefree and music lovers.

Its strange to think that we had no idea that either one of us existed 5 months ago. Especially since we were living in the same town (the beautiful town we call ....Reading.). Yet here we are at Bath Spa University, lying in bed and listening to Missy Higgins, our new found love.

To start with, we thought we'd share a few (very) interesting facts about ourselves because we're just such interesting people...(according to us anyway!!!!).

So we have Anna, who's currently studying drama and english literature - and to give her credit is how we got our blog name. She likes poets.. (TS Elliot to be a little less vague). She also travelled to Thailand for a month and hugged a tiger, which is always nice.

She has an interest in folk music and her favourite singer is Joni Mitchell. To any of you that are interested in acoustic/folk music, she definitely advises you to pay a visit to End of the Road festival for a weekend in the summer. Its something special.
And we also have Fliss, who studies Music and specialises in Opera. Whilst taking an interest in the arts, she also loves to travel and at the moment is planning to visit Thailand, Bali, Australia and Fiji. Her favourite colour is yellow and likes pictures all over her walls. Her favourite book is Eat Pray Love. She likes big headphones and spends stupid amounts of time searching for new bands.

We live for Gin summers.

The initial aim of starting this blog, is because together, we have decided to merge our tastes and experiences together and form some sort of ...musical collaboration. Therefore we'd love to share whatever we make of it with you.  As we don't have any original material as of yet, we're going to start with covers! The first one being...well you'll just have to wait!

This is our blog, we'd love you to follow us and appreciate our very hard attempt at making sweet sweet music...

A&F x