Thursday, 3 February 2011

We love Marigolds!

Oh no, not the flower (which is what i can imagine you all think of as soon as you see the word). Oh no. I mean these beautiful creations:
..aren't they just so majestic and wonderful and perfect?! Yes they sure as hell are. I have just spend 2 whole hours straight, deep cleaning my room and I am that proud, i have to tell you all. I can't help myself! My room smells clean and fresh and tidy, it looks incredible. And I am getting way too excited about this.

On another note, I hope you are all well and enjoying this week (what's left of it!), this week has literally zoomed by to me,  I can't believe its friday tomorrow already! But this makes me happy, weekends are the best things ever. Excuse me for being so sickeningly cliché and naive, but i'd love every single day to be a weekend, no work (yay!), no studying (yay!), just pure fun and enjoyment for all! Am i right or am i right?

I have bought the most gorgeous little silver hoops earrings i just have to show you:
aren't they beautiful?! I got them today in the post and they fit perfectly!
Well, that's your taste of today's entertainment...I'm about to eat a fish finger salad..that's quite weird isn't it. I'll let you know how that went.
Lots of love,
F x - ps. thought you might like this..

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